Three distinct squadrons have been designated VF-11, and two distinct squadrons have been known as the Red Rippers. The first VF-11 (never known as the Red Rippers) was established in 1942, was re-designated VF-111 in 1948, and was disestablished in January 1959. The second VF-11, known as the Red Rippersaws established in 1927 and went through numerous redesignations before being disestablished in February 1959. The third distinct squadron was established as VF-43 in 1950, was eventually redesignated VFA-11, and is the squadron in operation today. While currently assigned to the F/A-18 C, the "Red Rippers" will transition to the F-14 A/B upon the release of the Heatblur F-14. The "Rippers" will primarily carry out CAP/Intercept mission tasking within CVW-6 but, will also be tasked with strike missions when needed.

vf11 red rippers.jpg


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